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Your Child is in Great Hands


Molly Clark


Molly went to Georgetown University and studied Human Science. After college, she started working in early childhood education as a postpartum doula, sleep consultant, and parent coach. Molly has been working full time with infants and toddlers since 2015. Molly founded The Garden Daycare while pregnant with her first daughter. Molly’s vision for The Garden is to provide the highest quality of care - to meet her standards of what is good enough for her own children. Molly is passionate about outside time, healthy eating, early art experiences, and developing a love of reading at an early age. Molly believes that working with children is a type of ministry and takes very seriously her role in shaping the young minds that come through her program. Outside of being a business owner and mother, Molly enjoys sewing, knitting, quilting, and cooking.


Lead Infant Teacher


Meet Ashley, our dedicated Lead Infant Teacher at The Garden.  Her remarkable responsiveness to infants' needs creates a nurturing environment where every child thrives. Ashley's exceptional communication skills shine not only in her interactions with the little ones but also in her seamless engagement with parents. Fluent in American Sign Language (ASL), she introduces the infants to baby signs! Ashley is dedicated to holistic development of the infants under her care. She believes in every child's unique potential and is committed to providing a safe, stimulating space where infants can explore, learn, and grow. With Ashley at the helm, parents can rest assured that their little ones are in the hands of a compassionate and skilled educator, dedicated to nurturing the earliest stages of their child's journey.


Toddler Teacher


Amy was born and raised in the small town or Priest River, Idaho. She is currently a senior at the University of Idaho studying Child Development with an emphasis in Early Childhood Special Education. In her free time, Amy enjoys reading, camping, and spending time with her two kitties, Banjo and Nala! Amy truly enjoy working with children and is passionate about supporting the incredible development and learning that occurs during the childhood years!


Cleaning & Substitute Teacher


Melody is to thank for keeping The Garden Daycare clean and tidy! Melody has been working as a residential housekeeper for 3 years and is working on expanding. Not only is Melody an expert when it comes to cleaning, but she is also passionate about working with children. She loves working with with children because they exude so much joy and being around them brings Melody fulfillment! Caring for children shows her a more intimate level of what serving and loving others looks like. Melody views this work as not only helping the children, but also helping the families too. As a Christian, these values are very important to her! Outside of work, Melody enjoys fitness, cooking, and time with family.


Lead Preschool Teacher


Sali graduated high school in 2016 and immediately went into the work force with two things on her mind: coffee and becoming a foster parent.

Since Sali was a child, she has always wanted to love and nurture children. Sali started teaching Sunday school and babysitting at age thirteen. The way she was able to help kids grow, learn, and overcome pushed her to have a craving to help structure young minds. When she was 20 yrs old Sali was able to have the amazing opportunity to work at a Montessori school. She worked with kindergarten, pre k, and occasionally with the toddlers. Sali enjoys art in every form and particularly enjoys creating art! She believes that creativity and art is an important part of life, no matter your age! Sali adores nature and animals, consequently making her fall in love with hiking, paddle boarding, and all that stuff!

Hope Photo.jpeg

Toddler Teacher


Hope was born and raised in Potlatch Idaho. She has worked with children of all ages for as long as she can remember. She has a one year old son, who keeps her busy. In her free time Hope enjoys being outside, swimming, and making memories with her family and friends. Hope believes that working with children was her calling. It’s where she feels most at home. It brings her joy and happiness getting to be a part of their learning and growth. 




Michelle has worked with children since she was 12 years old! She has babysat many children at her church from ages 5 months to 8 years old. She has also had the privilege to be a homeschooling tutor for several children, ranging from 1st to 10th grade. Michelle has learned so much fro the opportunities she has been given and hopes to continue to learn as she works with the children at The Garden. Michelle loves working with children because it gives her experience for her own family and she loves watching how they think. She loves how they light up when they learn something new! For Michelle, children are a reminder that we are their role models so we must respond to them with the Love that Christ shows us. Outside of work Michelle loves working with her cows and dogs, sewing, crocheting, puzzling, and reading.

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