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Simpsons: Hit And Run Demo

Unreal developer and YouTuber reubs showcased how he remastered The Simpsons: Hit And Run, updated with 4K graphics and ray tracing capabilities. At the same time, he released a playable demo of his work that was unceremoniously taken down due to undisclosed copyright concerns.

Simpsons: Hit and Run Demo

In an approximately 13-minute long video, reubs demonstrated the process of remastering Hit And Run. This included several convoluted steps, like exporting all the map's art assets, programming the playable characters, and adding in the vehicles. The result is a gorgeous-looking experience, with smooth animations and striking visuals that look more in line with modern games. Reubs also implemented a first-person mode just for the fun of it.

Alongside dropping the video, reubs published a free demo of the game's first mission. According to the description in the video, though, it was taken down. He cited "copyright concerns" but didn't disclose who had issues.

The YouTuber doesn't reveal who exactly had a problem with the 4K Hit & Run demo. That means exactly who would be responsible for an official remake remains shrouded in mystery. The obvious answer would be Disney. The corporation bought out Fox in 2019 including the rights to The Simpsons and all of its episodes. However, since Radical Entertainment and Vivendi Universal Games published and developed Hit & Run, Disney might not own the rights to it.

Youtuber and developer Reubs has hastily taken down his playable demo of The Simpsons Hit & Run in Unreal Engine 5 after undisclosed copyright concerns. Last week, the popular YouTuber recreated the first level of Radical Entertainment's cult-classic 2003 game with 4K graphics and ray tracing capabilities and released a playable demo via his Patreon. Though it took only one week to create, it only took a few days for the project to be completely dislodged.

In a lengthy video posted on his channel, Reubs demonstrates and walks viewers through every process and step he used to completely remaster Hit & Run. Starting with exporting the map and art assets into Unreal Engine 5, the developer showcases the game's RTX capabilities with 4K graphics before using the AI to upscale the textures, program characters and add in vehicles. Continuing his impressive effort, the developer scripts and creates the first mission of the game while showing off his project's smooth animations and striking visuals. The lead designer of the original game commented on the video, commending Reubs for his work on the project. Unfortunately, as reported by GameSpot, the demo was later taken down for copyright infringement. Reubs confirms this in an update in the video description, but does not specify what legal entity wanted the project removed.

While the fan demo by Reubs has definitely helped spark interest in the game again, the Youtuber never mentioned if he planned on recovering the demo in any capacity following this legal takedown. Since the original publisher, Vivendi Games, was acquired by Activision in the 2007 deal that created the now deeply controversial Activision Blizzard, it is unclear if the title will ever get officially remastered in the future. Reubs' fan project might have been the closest players got to reliving The Simpsons Hit & Run. Seeing the Youtuber's impressive work and positive feedback from only one level, players can only hope that a true remaster will take shape someday.

Fans of The Simpsons: Hit and Run may have noticed the 2003 game has been in the news as of late. While in recent years, The Simpsons: Hit and Run has sporadically popped up in gaming discussion, ordinarily, this would involve a rumor relating to a potential re-release. However, this time around, talk of the game, isn't about a rumor but rather a playable demo of a possible remake.

A playable updated version of the first level of The Simpsons: Hit and Run was made available in the past couple of weeks, however, this has since been taken down. The playable demo showed a glimpse of what The Simpsons: Hit and Run could look like were it to be remade in the modern-day, but it was not made in an official capacity. The demo was instead a fan-made remake by YouTuber Reubs and drew widespread applause, including from Joe McGinn, the lead designer of the original title. But with The Simpsons: Hit and Run back in the news, is it possible that fans could be seeing a remake soon?

A GameSpot feature from July 8, 2003 allegedly describes a GameCube build of the game showcased at a non-descript press event from Nintendo. The demo featured appears to have been limited to the first three missions of the first level, which seem to be unchanged from the final product. It is suggested that gameplay elements and interactions appear to have been finalized, although camera issues are present.

Published on August 31, 2003, Worth Playing's coverage of Hit & Run is perhaps the most interesting, as it features a wealth of self-produced screenshots from the PlayStation 2 version, some of which show discrepancies not seen in the previous materials. Referred as a "limited beta copy", this particular demo allegedly includes a "character select screen" with a limited roster and not much else.

The demo version currently available is much limited, thus, only the first three levels are available to be played, without any bonus content. This will be updated later on, as the mod gets finished. Stay tuned for the full version!

Alongside the video, rebus posted a free demo for you to experience Hit & Run in all its 4K glory. Now though, the video's description reveals the demo has been pulled due to copyright. Although he doesn't go on to explain who had a problem with this next-gen Hit & Run, it doesn't take a genius to figure out who the culprit probably is. The description simply reads, "Demo link no longer available due to copyright concerns. Sorry bout that!"

At the time of writing, reubs' video is still up, but if the demo has been pulled, we've got to ask how much longer it'll be online before it's also given the boot. In the brief period the demo was available, it caught the attention of those who worked on the original Hit & Run all those years ago.

The idea that Hit & Run will come racing into our lives for next-gen has become a running joke. The Simpsons showrunner Matt Selman has thrown himself behind the idea but explained it's "complicated". Elsewhere, the original Hit & Run producer has also given us his own plans for a Hit & Run remaster, with Vlad Ceraldi praising the longevity of the game's following. Sadly, the fact reubs demo has been dropped down Mr. Burns' trapdoor isn't exactly the sign we'd hoped for.

El usuario de YouTube y desarrollador en Unreal reubs recientemente desarrolló un trabajo enfocado en The Simpsons Hit & Run. El youtuber actualizó los gráficos del título en 4K. En el vídeo donde enseña este trabajo en un comienzo había subido una demo jugable para que todos puedan probarlo. Sin embargo, al parecer fue restringido por motivos de infringir derechos de autor.

El vídeo donde reubs muestra todo su trabajo y el proceso que llevó remasterizar The Simpsons Hit & Run tiene una duración de 13 minutos. En este podemos ver como tuvo que exportar todos los datos del mapa, programar a los personajes nuevamente e incluso agregar vehículos. El resultado final es de primer nivel, ya que el juego no pierde su esencia e únicamente mejora su aspecto gráfico adaptándose muy bien. Además, el youtuber se dio el trabajo de agregar un nuevo modo de primera persona.

En la descripción del vídeo, reubs había publicado una demo que te permitía jugar completamente gratis la primera misión del juego. Sin embargo, según la nueva descripción, el enlace fue derribado debido a problemas con los derechos de autor. Sin embargo, por el momento no se reveló de donde provenían estos problemas.

Recordemos que The Simpsons Hit & Run ha sido el juego de la franquicia más emblemático. Fue inspirado en GTA y en su tiempo fue un completo éxito. A día de hoy no se puede jugar legalmente sino consigues una copia física antigua. Si bien, hubieron rumores sobre un posible remake oficial, todo terminó siendo descartado.

Martin Nebelong, an artist working for Dreams developer Media Molecule, recreated Lorenzo Draco's demo - intended to show off the never-before-seen power of Unreal Engine 5 - without touching the software at all.

The Dreams creation even comes with the spooky moment from the Unreal Engine 5 demo, when all the light disappears and the once-peaceful Japanese train station becomes an almost horror-esque experience.

On the Unreal Engine 5 side, developers have been making a ton of wild demos to show off the capabilities of the new engine, that was only released last month, including a Superman-style flight experience and a Spider-Man demo to show off its incredible graphics.

On 11 May 2001, Radical Entertainment and SPY Wireless Media announced an agreement to develop a wireless content management solution enabling SPY's partners and customers to develop new revenue and promotional opportunities by delivering interactive services to the youth market using wireless devices such as cell phones.[7] At E3 2001, Radical Entertainment unveiled The Simpsons: Road Rage, a story-based driving game based on the popular animated series The Simpsons and co-published by Electronic Arts and Fox Interactive,[8] as well as Dark Summit, another THQ-published snowboarding game unique in its action-adventure elements.[9] On 15 August 2001, Radical Entertainment announced the development of a demo application and white paper for Nintendo's upcoming GameCube console. The demo utilized key features of Radical's proprietary Pure3D game engine, while the accompanying white paper provided information on Radical's technical expertise to other game companies.[10] Dark Summit and The Simpsons: Road Rage were released in November 2001.[11][12] The Simpsons: Road Rage was one of the top ten most rented titles of December 2001 in North America, generating over $500,000 in rental fees for video and game rental outlets in a single week.[13]


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