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Download Lagu Stratovarius Out Of The Shadows Book |LINK|

As for the good old USA, we`re still looking. We would love to come over and tour as part of a package. It's a matter of how much local promoters interest we can arouse. They are the ones that will or will not pick up the phone and call our US Booking Agent. A lot depends on how many Hoodoo CDs our US fans will actually buy, as opposed to download, of course. The business has changed and to get an album sold in the big box stores is almost impossible. If our US fans can't get our new album Hoodoo at their local record store, they should go to web sites like as the artwork and enclosed booklet is pretty sensational as well. Our dream is to get back in the Billboard Charts like we did with a handful of our albums back in the '80's, and only our loyal fans can put us back there."

download lagu stratovarius out of the shadows book


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