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Star Wars Maps Rpgl UPD

This Shrine was designed with the PC version of the game, therefore not all of the information presented may apply to the X-box or ipad version. If there are any discrepancies please contact me. When contacting me please include "KOTOR" in the subject line, otherwise your message may end up in the junk mail bin.December 2, 2015Updated Bugs and Fixes page to include fixes to problems and issues that are caused by playing on a modern machine with 64-bit windows.May 20, 2015Fixed a bug in the Attack Bonus Progression of my Damage Calculator. Thanks Molly! FYI Only the Open office version has been fixed. I don't have Microsoft office available on this machine right now, so I won't be able to update that file for now.March 27, 2015Added tips to beat Swoop Racing on an ipad. Thanks Josh for the tips! I don't have the ipad version so his tips have been most helpful.December 26, 2014Fixed an error regarding force regeneration which was patched in version 1.03. Kudos to Sebastian for pointing that out. Also added a bugfix for getting it to run on modern systems with ATI cards.July 15, 2014Fixed various spelling grammatical errors, and changed the layout for greater readability (less wall of text hopefully).July 29, 2010Fixed a few more errors and finished the mini-games page as well as all uploaded all missing images. Shrine should be complete. Currently in the process of error checking.July 25, 2010Updated information concerning mini-games. Re-uploaded a few zip files. Some of the bug fixes weren't included in the zip files.July 19, 2010Fixed a few errors on various pages.May 6, 2009Star-Forge walk-through and maps uploaded. Mini-games page uploaded.May 4, 2009I've been denied an internet connection until a few weeks ago, so I haven't been able to update this shrine. Unknown world walk-through, side-quests, and maps uploaded. Also uploaded NPC list. Fixed some problems with the Open office version of the Damage calculator spreadsheet.January 27, 2009I've been busy lately, with a move halfway across the world, so forgive me if I've been a bit slow in updating. I should get back on track soon.October 4, 2008Korriban Maps Uploaded.October 1, 2008Korriban Walk-through and Side-quests finished. Added another couple of fixes. Made firefox compatible.July 10, 2008Manaan Maps and Side-quests finished. Also fixed various spelling errors.June 3, 2008Added more bug fixes. Kashyyyk walk-through finished.April 17, 2008Updated and fixed links in stores section.April 6, 2008Kashyyyk map finished.March 31, 2008Added another bug-fix (Tanis).February 25, 2008Finished Tatooine walk-through and maps, and Remaining dialog choices pages.October 15, 2007Fixed several small errors in Damage Calculator and on Maximization Page. Uploaded Upgrades page along with images. Also finished the items page along with images. Also finished and uploaded all shop pages. Started and uploaded the Bugs page along with the Ziagrom bug-fix.October 14, 2007Weapons page updated and added images. Armor page also completed with images. Alphabetical lists also included on both pages.October 10, 2007Apologies for the lack of updates. I've had serious setbacks with a computer crash but things have calmed down somewhat. I've recovered most of the data, and what I haven't been able to recover I'm redoing, so updates won't come up just yet. It does give me a good chance to go through the walk-through to see if I've made any errors. I'll keep you posted on my progress.August 28, 2007Weapons page done, without images.August 11, 2007Apologies for the lack of updates recently. After much consideration, I have decided not visit all planets in all possible permutations. I simply do not have the time to do 24 play-throughs. Walk-through updates should be shortly.July 21, 2007Uploaded and finished all maps of Dantooine and the Ebon Hawk. Also uploaded screenshots of all completed walk-through pages.July 7, 2007Uploaded and finished all maps of Taris. Detailed general location of all enemies, important NPC's, containers, Mines, programmable droids, computer consoles and workbenches on those maps. Whew, that took a lot of work. Also uploaded Dantooine Walk-through. None of the walk-through sections have screenshots as of yet. Will get that up soon.June 30, 2007Uploaded Alignment Affecting Dialog Choices for all of Taris and Dantooine. Fixed several large errors on the alignment page. I was using Kotor 2 data by mistake. Fixed and uploaded sample builds. Updated Classes page. Uploaded Endar Spire Maps Page.June 19, 2007Uploaded Walk-through of the Endar Spire and Taris. No pictures of that portion of the walk-through uploaded yet. Side-quests for Taris also uploaded.June 3, 2007I have been working on this shrine, but updates are slow in coming because of the need to edit and modify many images. I have captured most of the images needed already, so work should resume at a faster pace from here on out. Finished the Characters Page subsection of Bad Guys and Companions. Other NPC's sections will be filled in as I start the walk-through portion of the game.May 6, 2007Finished all subsections of the Character Creation page, including Feats, Force Powers, Weapon Choice and Maximization, and Derived Statistics. Uploaded Damage Calculator spreadsheet. Fixed some spelling and grammar errors in other pages. Whew! Another busy weekend.April 29, 2007Finished the Classes page, Attribute page, and Skills page. Redid the layout, for all those pages. Images uploaded for the Alignment page, Attribute Icons, Skills Icons, and all Feats and Force Powers Icons. Icons for Attributes are not from KoTOR, but from Neverwinter Knights: HoTU. Whew! Got a lot done this weekend.April 24, 2007Organizing my financial records and doing taxes has taken up the past couple of weeks, so I wasn't able to work on this shrine. Uploaded multiple unfinished Pages dealing with character stats. These uploaded pages are just general outlines which will be filled in.April 08, 2007Uploaded Alignment page along with a few icons, but no pictures as of yet.April 07, 2007Shrine Reserved. No information available here yet, however general shrine outline set forth. Links that are marked * are still broken and will be updated as the sections are completed. Uploaded Character Creation main page, but subsections still incomplete.Created and Maintained by:

Star Wars Maps Rpgl

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