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[S3E21] You Can't Go Home Again BEST

Obviously, the premise of the show is about how the woman at the top balances such an extremely demanding job and her home life, but why can't that concept be extended to the rest of the team a little more often?

[S3E21] You Can't Go Home Again

I want to know what's going on with Stevie, and yes, even Allison and Jason, but why can't we know what's happening in the staff's home lives on a more regular basis too? And not just told what's happening, but shown? Give them equal screen time?

Derek joins Bailey and Izzie to look at James Benton's scans. Bailey tells him about the halo sign and runny nose. The labs are still in the works, but as far as she can tell, James is leaking spinal fluid through his nose. He looks at the scans and says it's a brain herniation. He has Bailey book an OR. Izzie will have watch from the gallery so she can study. Bailey is scrubbing in, because she can't not scrub in after having sent the guy home three times.

Richard finds Bailey eagerly working on the OR board. He tells her to go home to her family. She has to accept there are days where she can't do it all. She has to delegate. She thinks she did that today, but he points out she did all the work anyway. She tells him he can say he's moving on all he wants, but she doubts it's true. He tells her that if she doesn't slow down, she might end up without a family to go home to.

At the Waldorf's, Serena is helping Blair pick out an outfit to wear on her date with Cameron. While they decide, Blair admits that she's never been on a real date with a stranger before. After they talk, Serena tries to leave, but not before Blair asks what's going on with her. She admits that she needs to get home to Lily because she thinks Rufus cheated on her with Holland, and that William thinks Lily should keep her stress level at a minimum so they can't tell her. At The Empire, Chuck is on the phone with Jenny; telling her that he's having a pharmacist look into the pills she stole from Lily. She tells him that she's grounded and can't use the phone, but she wants to be kept in the loop. When they hang up, Rufus enters her room to confiscate her phone again. Nate leaves to go see Serena, and accidentally reveals to Chuck that Blair is going on a date. However, Chuck isn't that interested, as the pharmacist finally calls him back.

At the loft, Dan enters to find Rufus lecturing Jenny while ordering her to do her homework. She retorts that she can't without her books, so he leaves with Dan to go get them from the Lily's. At the VDW's, William brings Lily her medication and they reminisce on her pregnancy with Serena, when she drank a lot of apple juice. He apologizes for the speech he made at the Columbia gala, and she accepts his apology, then mentions that the homeopathic remedies have clogged her humidifier. He offers to check it out, and she lets him. At the loft, Chuck calls Jenny on the house phone and tells her that the medicine is good for battling parasites and African river blindness, but definitely not lymphoma. He explains that they now need to find the prescribing doctor, which he already did. The next thing he suggests is for them to go to Blair and ask her for her help to find the truth about who is prescribing the wrong meds and why. Forgetting Jenny is grounded, he instructs her to meet him at the Waldorf's and hangs up. She debates what to do for a minute, but leaves the loft. At the VDW's, Rufus and Dan arrive to pick up Jenny's book. Upon seeing them arrive, Serena acts cold toward Rufus and informs him that she knows about what he did with Holland. Confused, Rufus says he already told them about sabotaging William's move into the building, and she says that's not what she means. At that point, William, Eric, and Lily come downstairs to ask what's going on. Not wanting to say what he did, she tells him to leave, but he decides to call Holland and ask her to come tell everyone what she told Serena. She comes, and reveals to everyone that she and Rufus slept together.

At the gala, Blair realizes Serena is there and notes that that complicates the plan because she can't see them. Then she goes over the plan again with Chuck and Jenny: they have Jenny wait for a doctor from the AMA, and blackmail Holland into either telling the truth or risk having her medical license revoked. Jenny asks for a phone while she waits, and Blair obliges. She goes to wait for him, and Blair and Chuck head into the event. Once she's out of earshot, Jenny calls the doctor's office to inform him that Nate won't be coming in; sabotaging the whole plan. Unbeknownst to her, Serena spots her on the phone and decides to call Rufus. Inside, Serena happily watches William and Lily dance. Meanwhile, Blair and Chuck have an idea and go up to Holland, claiming to be a couple in desperate need of therapy. Downstairs, Rufus surprises Jenny and she tries to explain that she's trying to help him. Dan then comes down and asks if she's seen Holland, and Rufus asks if she's there. Dan gives them a quick update on everything and Rufus takes Jenny's ticket to go talk to Holland. However, Serena comes down and sees them all together and walks off angry. Nate follows, but she refuses to hear him out. She says that there was a reason everyone else would band together to scheme against her and her dad, but he was supposed to be on her side. Meanwhile, Chuck and Blair vent to Holland, who tries to encourage them to make an appointment at her office. While Blair talks to her, Chuck texts Dan to talk with a random guy within eyesight. He then tells Holland that the man is a member of the AMA and will revoke her license if she doesn't explain what's going on. Rufus then comes up, and asks what's going on. Holland, unsure, what to do, tells them that she only wrote the prescriptions as a favor and the person they really need to talk to is William. Meanwhile, Jenny takes William aside and tells him that Holland is about to tell everyone about his plan to split up Rufus and Lily. She tells him that if he wants to escape, he needs to do so right away. He asks why she's telling him, and she admits that she wants them both to get their family back. Elsewhere, Dan thanks the man for playing along, then spots William, Lily, and Serena leaving the event. Rufus approaches and asks if he's seen Lily, and Dan tells him she just left with William.

Yeah, that's certainly true. And for many years, now, market pricing has been the predominant approach to, you know, administering pay within our organizations. And that's, you know, was was partly because data just become, became much more sort of available and accessible. And, and I know, you remember the days when we used to get, you know, three ring binders six inches thick with with pay data, and it was laborious and tedious to have to wade your way through all that. But nowadays, we don't, we don't do that we have access to data and technology really at our fingertips whenever we want. But, you know, the focus on pay equity really requires a more balanced approach. Certainly market data is always going to be important and having you know, that that that market reference is really going to help make hopefully, well informed, you know, good decisions as it relates to pay. But nowadays, I think we have to look at it again, more broadly. We can't just hang our hat exclusively on market pricing. You know, I'm seeing a much more much more focus on, you know, trying to be a little bit more consistent, a little bit more disciplined and structured around how we administered pay. And, you know, there's still obviously, you know, times when, when you have to, you know, I'm gonna use the term shoot from the hip. But nowadays that comes with a significant amount of risk, particularly given the level of scrutiny and focus around pay equity. So I'm seeing just a need to take a much more balanced approach, yes, we're going to always sort of look at market pricing to help inform and guide compensation decisions, but increasingly, so we're going to use that in, in balance with the need to, you know, maintain internal equity.

Caroline and Rebekah bond briefly while cleaning up from the decade dance, until they run into Vampire Alaric. Driving the White Oak Stake through his heart has no effect, so they both make a run for the exit. Alaric catches Caroline, snaps her neck and drags her back into the school. Stefan checks in on Elena and Jeremy at home, where they are already repainting Alaric's bedroom, needing to move on. This visit is interrupted by Damon, who bears a bite-marked Bonnie. Rebekah begs Klaus to leave town with her, but he refuses to leave Elena behind. Rebekah leaves in a huff. Bonnie claims that a witch can't make an immortal creature, and there will be a way to undo the spell Esther cast on Alaric. Elena is disturbed to get a phone call from Alaric demanding she come to the school or he will kill Caroline. Klaus arrives at the Gilbert house, looking for Elena, but Stefan and Damon stop him at the door. Elena, of course, is already gone by then. Elena finds Caroline and Alaric. In a disturbing move, he has pinned Caroline to a desk by driving pencils through both of her hands. Alaric demands that Klaus turn himself in or he will kill both Caroline and Elena. They are all going to have to work together against this new common enemy. Bonnie is sure she can use a spell to bind Alaric the way Abby bound Mikael, but it will require all of their power combined. Alaric takes pleasure in torturing Caroline, gagging her with a vervain-laced rag that forces the poison into her system. He taunts Elena, saying she wanted to learn to kill vampires, and here's a vampire to kill.

House once again tries to get rid of Hector by "accidentally" leaving his door open. When he returns home, his stereo is gone, but Hector is still there. As House heads to another room he shuts the door behind him, only to hear Hector scream in pain having been hit by the closing door. 041b061a72


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