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[S2E7] You Give Love A Bad Name

Jesse sees his landlady, Jane Margolis, drawing on their front steps, and connects with her over their love of art. However, he is recognized by a passing motorcyclist who has heard of his reputation, and it is revealed that he lied to her about his name. After he later admits to lying to her, she says that she doesn't care what he does as long as he doesn't do it at the house. He invites her inside to watch TV, even though he can't get his new television working. She holds his hand as they stare at the blank television.

[S2E7] You Give Love a Bad Name

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Not really, but Mike and Liv are onto something. Using the mystery novels Dr. Hodges loved so much, Mike determines that maybe the doctor hid clues about his death in picture frames just like the detective in the books. And, voila, they find a clue! It's a piece of paper listing names from the Galvan/Powell Group Hodges and the real Dr. Vanderspiegle were involved with. 041b061a72


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