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Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire (Official Video) [BETTER]

Second: "De Novo Adagio", which translates loosely to "Adagio Again", signals that Girl on Fire is an album about rebirth and renewal. That girl on fire is a phoenix, and to demonstrate that point, "Adagio" segues seamlessly into "Brand New Me", a slow-burning declaration of independence co-written with Scottish singer-songwriter Emeli Sandé. Keys excels at this kind of self-esteem anthem, but this one feels a little too familiar-- an old way of introducing her new self. That song is followed by the Jamie xx-produced "When It's All Over", and it's perhaps a sign that I'm listening to too much Taylor Swift that I naturally wondered what had happened in Keys' personal life to warrant a record so heavy on break-up songs. Then I remembered that it doesn't matter: Keys has retooled and reinvented herself, however subtly and slightly, on every album, so it makes sense that she would use romantic tragedy as the engine for transformation.

Alicia Keys - Girl on Fire (Official Video)

A collaboration with Swizz Beatz (Keys' husband) and Dr. Dre, "New Day" has a transformative effect within the album, whose middle is as strong as any sequence of songs Keys has recorded. After a rough start lyrically ("She's just a girl and she's on fire"), the title track features Keys' most powerful vocals and a too-brief cameo from Nicki Minaj, who sounds like she's just getting started before her verse comes to an end. "Fire We Make", her duet with Maxwell, is an old-fashioned slow jam that doesn't have a whole lot of actual song to it and honestly doesn't need it. Instead, it's an excuse for vocal and sexual fireworks from two of r&b's strongest singers, with Keys' bold voice evocatively contrasting Maxwell's softer, slightly hoarse delivery.

"It feels so good to sing in this really high space because it's almost like I'm screaming at the top of my lungs when I say, 'This girl is on fire.' It's like a declaration; it's a passion that's like, 'This is me.' And so when I was recording it, it felt perfect. I didn't have any feelings like it was too high or not. I just felt it was in that breaking spot in my voice that feels like the emotion that I wanted it to feel like. ... And then, I came around to have to do, like, 90-minute shows, and add that on top of all my other songs. And all of a sudden, I said, 'Whoa. This is kind of high.' "

An 8-year-old girl singing her heart out to Alicia Keys' song "Girl on Fire" is going on viral on the internet and it's just the kind of wholesome content we need as we continue battling the pandemic. Anni, 8, was cleaning her family pool when she suddenly burst into song and delivered a knockout performance. Her father Tom Coverly filmed his daughter singing before sharing it on TikTok. The video has since been viewed by more than 9 million people. Coverly's wife is a singer but he had no idea Anni could sing as well until he heard her singing while cleaning the family pool, reported Good Morning America.

"She just belted out that chorus," said Coverly, of Pensacola, Florida. Anni absolutely went all out as she sang the number. "And then she's singing it with the passion she was singing it with. It just blew me away." Coverly is a motivational speaker and often teaches life lessons on TikTok, often on topics such as bullying and suicide prevention. Anni also features in his motivational speeches on TikTok but this time it was her singing that vowed his followers. The song was the toast of the internet with even Alicia Keys commenting on the video, praising the little girl's cover of her song. "I love this!!! Sing Mama!!! You are amazing!! And you ARE on fire!!!!" wrote Keys.

Her father, Tom Coverly, secretly filmed her as she was doing her chores and posted the video on TikTok. Soon after, the video began racking up views and now currently has over 9 million. In the viral video, which he captioned, "TAG anyone who loves to sing ? @aliciakeys #girlonfire #sing #singing #music #careeradvice #poolgirl #talentedkids #aliciakeys #coversong #viral," Anni is seen cleaning a pool while confidently belting out the song.

Viewers praised the viral video, commenting on how well Anni can carry a tune, and it even gained recognition from Alicia, who said, "I love this!!! Sing mama!!! You are amazing!! And you ARE on fire!!!!" 041b061a72


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