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kraybill took his new instrument and a basic personality inventory, the myers-briggs type indicator (mbti), to conflict resolution conferences across the country. the results were always the same. people who took the conflict style inventory scored higher on personality inventories than those who did not. they also were much more likely to get along with their partners and with their colleagues.

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kraybill believed that this instrument could be used to assess specific conflict styles of an individual. that is, it could be used to measure the conflict style of an individual. in other words, it can tell you what style is at work, even in the midst of a conflict.

albert also created a second version of the test, called the myers-briggs personality indicator (mbpi), which also showed a strong association between conflict style and personality. the mbpi is also used by conflict resolution trainers around the world.

but albert's greatest contribution to the mbti was his development of the kraybill conflict style inventory (kcsi). in this inventory, users are asked to indicate how they think and feel about certain issues in the world. the kcsi is a two-page questionnaire consisting of 16 items, each with a seven-point likert scale. it is scored on a 200-point scale, with higher scores indicating a greater tendency to behave in a specific way.

at a conflict resolution conference in 2006, a peace studies professor with special interest in psychometrics challenged kraybill in a friendly hall conversation to standardize the instrument. you really shouldn't be administering an instrument that is scoring people, he said, if you haven't put it through recognized procedures for standardization. although kraybill had devised and circulated the inventory for conflict resoution training purposes, not for personality measurement, he recognized the wisdom of the argument.


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