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Three Levels of Learning & Growth

Sleeping Baby


Our infant program is carefully designed with low ratios and a safe environment for infants to explore. We expose the infants to a wide variety of sensory experiences and outdoor time. We place a strong emphasis on introducing natural materials for infants to explore. We limit “containers” and instead focus on tummy time and crawling exploration. Infants in our care are fed on demand and start solid food at 6 months or when they show readiness signs. We are a breastfeeding friendly center and always welcome breastfeeding mothers to come and feed their infants.


Our toddler program at The Garden starts when your child is walking. The toddlers will have the opportunity to go outside, explore painting and coloring, play in sand and water, and partake in dramatic play each day. Our toddler curriculum follows a weekly theme that is

informed by the children’s interests and the seasons/holidays. The toddlers will participate in story time each day where we will learn new songs and stories. All our toddlers will sit together for meals and learn manners and practical life skills.

Toddler with Wooden Toys
Happy Turtle

 Early Preschool

At two years old, our children join our early preschool program. Our carefully crafted curriculum blends playful exploration with foundational learning, nurturing your child's curiosity and creativity. In our safe and stimulating environment, experienced educators guide your little ones through interactive activities, building social skills and fostering a love for learning. With a focus on individualized attention, our Early Preschool Program sets the stage for a lifetime of academic success. Join us on this exciting journey, where every day is filled with smiles, discoveries, and the joy of early education.



Our preschool program follows a more structured curriculum. The preschoolers will start their day with table work. We will focus on early literacy and writing skills during this time. They will then go outside in our yard or walk to the playground or library. When they come back inside they will participate in an art or craft activity. They will eat their meals with all of the

daycare attendees. We document each child’s progress and work and celebrate their achievements.

Girls in Painting Class
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