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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Atlantis-PLAZA

Titan Quest is a classic ARPG and the anniversary edition is a faithful update. I can't really recommend the game to anyone who does not have fond memories of the original game. Although there have been improvements the game is outdated and lacks features more modern games have.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Atlantis-PLAZA

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The two volumes under review are, then, doubly welcome. Once again, they could not be more different: In Quest of the "Miracle Stag," Volume 2 (cited as Stag2), with its gargantuan proportions of almost 1,300 pages, next to the slim second edition of the Gomori-Wilmer Miklos Radnoti selection. And yet they invite being reviewed together, and not only because of the interesting coincidence that Radnoti and the first poet featured in Makkai's anthology, Ami Karolyi, were born the same year (1909). To look ahead, we must always look back; Ezra Pound's dictum "make it new" applies nowhere with more force than with ongoing poetry among (mostly) living writers. No one is more aware of this than the indefatigable Adam Makkai, the titan of Hungarian verse anthologists of our moment, and a brilliant poet and translator in his own right. If he features himself as such in Stag2, he has every right to, with mild reservations, as we shall see below. In format, Stag2 mostly agrees with its predecessor; a generous selection of the work of each poet is preceded by a (most often) one-page bio-bibliographic note and a portrait, not a woodcut by George Buday this time, but rather a pencil drawing, by either Endre Szasz or Marton Barabas. The portraits of a handful of...


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