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Prontuario Accordi Pianoforte Pdf 15

Prontuario Accordi Pianoforte PDF 15: A Guide to Piano Chords

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to learn piano chords, you might be interested in the Prontuario Accordi Pianoforte PDF 15. This is a free PDF document that contains 15 pages of piano chord diagrams, covering the most common and useful chords in all 12 keys. You can download it from [this link] or [this link].

Piano chords are combinations of notes that sound harmonious when played together. They are the building blocks of many songs and musical genres, and they can add richness and variety to your playing. Learning piano chords can help you play by ear, improvise, compose, and accompany yourself or others.


The Prontuario Accordi Pianoforte PDF 15 provides a visual representation of each chord on the keyboard, as well as the chord name and symbol. It includes the following types of chords:

  • Major chords: These are the most basic and common chords, consisting of three notes: the root, the major third, and the perfect fifth. For example, C major is C-E-G.

  • Minor chords: These are similar to major chords, but with a minor third instead of a major third. For example, C minor is C-Eb-G.

  • Seventh chords: These are four-note chords that add a seventh interval to the basic triad. There are different types of seventh chords, depending on the quality of the seventh and the triad. For example, C dominant seventh is C-E-G-Bb, C major seventh is C-E-G-B, and C minor seventh is C-Eb-G-Bb.

  • Suspended chords: These are chords that replace the third with either a fourth or a second, creating a tension that usually resolves to a major or minor chord. For example, C suspended fourth is C-F-G, and C suspended second is C-D-G.

  • Augmented chords: These are chords that raise the fifth by a semitone, creating a dissonant sound that often leads to another chord. For example, C augmented is C-E-G#.

The Prontuario Accordi Pianoforte PDF 15 shows you how to play these chords in all 12 keys, using both white and black keys. You can use it as a reference guide, a practice tool, or a learning resource. You can also watch [this video] for more explanation and examples of how to use it.

Learning piano chords can open up a new world of musical possibilities for you. With the Prontuario Accordi Pianoforte PDF 15, you can master the most essential chords in no time. Download it today and start playing!


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