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DongleBackup2012: A Tool for Dongle Emulation and Backup

A dongle is a small device that plugs into a computer's USB or parallel port and acts as a hardware key for a software application. Dongles are often used to protect software from piracy or unauthorized use by providing a unique identification or encryption code. However, dongles can also be damaged, lost, or stolen, which can cause problems for the software users. In such cases, dongle emulation or backup can be a useful solution.


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Dongle emulation is a process of creating a software copy of a dongle that can run the protected software without the original device. Dongle backup is a process of creating a physical copy of a dongle that can replace the original device in case of damage or loss. Both processes require special drivers and software tools that can read and write the data from the dongle.

One of the tools that can perform dongle emulation and backup is DongleBackup2012. DongleBackup2012 is a Windows application that can work with various types of dongles, such as HASP, Sentinel, Hardlock, Eutron SmartKey, Dinkey, Marx, Deskey, Wibu, Safenet, Matrix, Keylok, and others. DongleBackup2012 can create virtual dongles that can be stored as files on the computer or on a network drive. DongleBackup2012 can also create physical dongles that can be plugged into any USB port.

To use DongleBackup2012, the user needs to install the application and the corresponding drivers on the computer where the original dongle is connected. Then, the user can launch the application and select the type of dongle to emulate or backup. The application will scan the dongle and display its information, such as serial number, memory size, vendor ID, and encryption algorithm. The user can then choose to create a virtual dongle file or a physical dongle device. The application will copy the data from the original dongle and create the desired output.

DongleBackup2012 is a tool that can help software users to protect their investment and ensure their continuity of work in case of dongle problems. However, it is important to note that dongle emulation and backup may violate the terms and conditions of some software licenses and may be considered illegal in some jurisdictions. Therefore, users should consult with their software vendors and local laws before using DongleBackup2012 or any other similar tool.

For more information about DongleBackup2012, please visit [this website] or [this GitHub repository]. You can also download DongleBackup2012 from [this link].


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