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Watch The Invention Of Lying Full Movie 'LINK'

When watching movies with subtitle. FshareTV provides a feature to display and translate words in the subtitle You can activate this feature by clicking on the icon located in the video player

watch the invention of lying full movie

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Nobody does royal funerals so beautifully as the Brits and an American watches with awe the long procession toward the chapel at Windsor Castle, the precision left/right stroll of the Grenadiers alongside the hearse, the horsemen behind, the bemedaled notaries and royal descendants and then, having come through narrow arches into the courtyard, the hearse stops, the rear door opens, and the eight uniformed pallbearers do a side-shuffle march to take hold of the coffin and lift it to their shoulders and take it up the steps. No simple task but they do it precisely and a stately silence prevails except on TV where American reporters venture speculation about a woman whose job was to be a mystery and who did it very well.

Above is an interesting video on the subject of Fritz Haber. It was recommended to me by a handful of people and it does a fantastic job of breaking down the story of this man and his invention (with wonderful animations), but watch for an eerie omission at the end by the creator. The verbiage used, to me, points to a very specific way of seeing the world, one which, I believe, lies at the center of the epistemology which the ancients were warning us against, and which has got us into this mess in the first place. He says:

The process to create a machine that could handle these levels of pressure and heat was a long and arduous one. In 1908, at the time of the invention, nothing like it had ever been done before, but they did it. The first full-sized industrial ammonia plant was erected in Oppau in 1913. The success of the invention brought Haber and Bosch riches and fame, and though Haber would be shunned during his acceptance of the Nobel Prize for his chemical war crimes at Ypres, he nonetheless attained a fame that would carry him to his grave. He died around the same time as Nazism\u2019s first percolations were bubbling in the war-ruined Germany in the aftermath of WWI.

Alternatively, start transitioning your primary relationship activity to something else that you do share tastes on. Find a film that will act as a springboard into that other activity. (For example, watch a movie with strong food focus, transition to watching a foodie documentary, and then find restaurants/food festivals to visit in the area. Or, find a sequence of sports films that will transition into you two joining the local league, etc.)


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