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Clear Glass Marbles Monologue Pdf Downloadgolkesl

Clear Glass Marbles Monologue Pdf Downloadgolkesl

Clear Glass Marbles is a monologue by Jane Martin, a pseudonym of an unknown American playwright. It is part of a collection of monologues called Talking With..., which was first published in 1982 by Samuel French Incorporated. The monologue features a young woman who talks about her mother's recent death from cancer and how she used clear glass marbles to mark the days of her life.

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The monologue is a poignant and emotional piece that explores the themes of mortality, memory, and love. The narrator describes how her mother was a vibrant and adventurous person who loved to travel, read, and learn new things. She also reveals how her mother taught her to appreciate the beauty and wonder of life, even in the face of death. The narrator says that her mother gave her a jar of clear glass marbles on her birthday and told her to take one out every day and put it in another jar. She said that when the first jar was empty, she would die. The narrator then recounts how she watched her mother's jar gradually empty as she battled cancer, and how she spent the last days with her, listening to her stories and wisdom. She also tells how she inherited her mother's jar of marbles and how she plans to use them to honor her memory and live fully.

The monologue has been performed by various actresses in different settings, such as theater festivals, auditions, and YouTube videos. Some examples are Charlotte Hendrickx, Daniela Galli, and Katherine J. Espin. The monologue is also available as a PDF file for download from various websites, such as pipuxulimoru's Ownd. However, some of these websites may require registration or payment to access the file. Alternatively, the monologue can be found in the book Talking With... by Jane Martin, which can be purchased from online or offline bookstores.

Clear Glass Marbles is a powerful and touching monologue that showcases the talent and creativity of Jane Martin, whoever he or she may be. It is a tribute to the bond between mothers and daughters, and a reminder to cherish every moment of life.


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